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Wed Nov 27 17:44:35 UTC 2019

*A conversation with Michael Costello *

β€œIn school, students are starting to learn the basics, and hopefully
they'll have some labs,” says Michael Costello, Manager of Network Tools at
Netflix. β€œOn the job, most work is done maintaining or extending systems,
and nearly all this work is constrained to only technologies that are
relevant to the business. Here, the entire day is hands-on after an
optional tutorial, and given the topics and technologies, there is likely
something that will be novel to all participants.”

We recently had a conversation with Michael, who’s been instrumental in
planning and executing five NANOG Hackathons, including the NANOG 77 hack
in Austin, Texas. Learn more about these events, which not only foster
greater networking knowledge, but also directly support the most critical
aspects of our mission as a nonprofit organization dedicated to building
the Internet of tomorrow.

Read the Interview <https://nanog.org/stories/nanog-hackathons/>
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