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Supporting students in building the Internet of tomorrow

“Receiving the NANOG Scholarship has been what I can only describe as a
perfectly timed blessing,” says Celine Irvene. “It will allow me to focus
primarily on my research, exploring effective security solutions to the
problems that rapidly arise in our ever evolving digital world.”

Announcing this year's scholarship recipients — four exceptional students
from across the country — who are eager to help shape our rapidly changing
Internet ecosystem. Learn more about Celine, Sydney, Daniel, and Chinasa,
and how they believe their award will impact their education and future
career. Read More <https://nanog.org/stories/supporting-students/>

Hacking with the brightest minds in our community

"The NANOG hackathon provided a good platform to integrate multiple aspects
of network automation, and implement that in a scalable environment," says
Vibhum Chandorkar. We recently spoke with him about being a part of the
NANOG 76 winning Hackathon project, and what he and his teammates learned
that they couldn't have in school alone. Read More

Empowering the next generation of network engineers

"My experience at this conference has been amazing," says Taylor Dillon.
"I’ve met a lot of awesome people from different backgrounds, and it’s been
interesting talking to them about where they started and how they’ve gotten
to where they are now." We interviewed three grad students in information
and computer science about their experience as NCI participants at NANOG
76. Watch Video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFVIyls2r5I>

Make more meaningful connections

We offer the tools you need to schedule meetups with your colleagues +
network with others in your field. Already registered for NANOG 77 in
Austin? Learn more about scheduling appointments at our next community-wide
gathering. Learn More

Your expertise. Your voice. Your NANOG.

As a NANOG member, you’ll not only enjoy the same access to our meetings
and events, educational programs and scholarships, tools and resources —
you’ll also play a role in shaping the future of the organization
itself. Become
a Member <https://www.nanog.org/participate/membership/>

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