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Ryan Donnelly ryan at nanog.org
Fri Oct 6 00:01:26 CST 2017

Greetings NANOG Colleagues,

The 2017 NANOG Board and Bylaw election is now complete.

As announced during NANOG 71, the 2017 Board and By-law results
<https://www.nanog.org/elections/2017/results>are posted on the NANOG
website, and summarized below:

In 2017, there were two regular open positions on the Board of Directors.
The new Board members are:

  - Tina Morris

  - L. Sean Kennedy

The proposed Bylaw Amendments were approved.

The officers elected and committee liaison is:

  - Chair - Ryan Donnelly

  - Vice Chair - Patrick Gilmore

  - Treasurer - Will Charnock

  - Secretary - Betty Burke

  - Program Committee Liaison - L. Sean Kennedy

We also want to thank and recognize the contributions of Jezzibell Gilmore
and Greg Dendy for their service on the Board of Directors, as well as Dave
Temkin for his service as Chair.

Additionally we wish to thank all those who were willing to serve as
candidates for the Board of Directors. If anyone has questions or concerns,
please do not hesitate to contact me, either on-list or privately.



(for the NANOG Board of Directors)
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