[NANOG-announce] NANOG 69 Washington D.C. - Call for Presentations is Open!

L Sean Kennedy liam at fedney.org
Fri Nov 4 21:25:31 UTC 2016

NANOG Community,

The NANOG Program Committee is excited to announce that we are accepting
proposals for all sessions at NANOG 69 in Washington D.C. on February 6-8.
Below is a summary of key details from the Call for Presentations and the
complete text is available on the NANOG website:


Early bird registration is open for NANOG 69 and hotel rooms in the NANOG
block at the conference hotel can be reserved by those interested in making
advance travel plans.


We look forward to seeing all of you in Washington!


Sean Kennedy on behalf of the NANOG Program Committee

NANOG 69 Call for Presentations

The North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG) will hold its 69th
conference in Washington, D.C. on February 6-8, 2017.

The NANOG Program Committee seeks proposals for presentations, panels,
tutorials, and tracks sessions for the NANOG 69 program. We welcome
suggestions of speakers or topic ideas. Presentations may cover current
technologies already deployed or soon-to-be deployed in the Internet.
Vendors are welcome to submit talks which cover relevant technologies and
capabilities, but presentations must not be promotional or discuss
proprietary solutions. NANOG 69 submissions can be entered on the NANOG
Program Committee Tool. <https://pc.nanog.org/>

How To Submit

The primary speaker, moderator, or author should submit a presentation
proposal and an abstract on the Program Committee Tool
<https://pc.nanog.org/>.  Please upload draft slides as soon as possible so
the Program Committee can understand the intended structure and level of
detail covered by the talk.  Draft slides are not required for a proposal
to be initiated,  but they are usually expected before the Program
Committee can definitively accept a submission.  The following information
should be included in the proposal:


   Author's name(s)

   Professional or Educational Affiliation

   A preferred contact email address

   A preferred phone number for contact

   Submission category (General Session, Panel, Tutorial, or Track)

   Presentation Title


   Slides (attachment or URL), in PowerPoint (preferred) or PDF format

Timeline for submission and proposal review


   Submitter enters Abstract (and draft slides if possible) in Program
   Committee Tool <https://pc.nanog.org/>.

      Any time following Call for Presentations and before deadline for

   PC performs initial review and assigns a “Shepherd” to help develop the

      Within 2 weeks

   Submitter develops draft slides of talk

      Please submit initial draft slides early

      Panels and Track submissions should provide topic list and
      intended/confirmed participants

   PC reviews slides and continues to work with Submitter as needed to
   develop topic

      Draft presentation slides should be submitted prior to published
      deadline for slides

   PC accepts or declines submission

   Agenda assembled and posted

   Submitters notified

If you think you have an interesting topic but want feedback or suggestions
for developing an idea into a presentation, please email the Program
Committee, and a representative of the Program Committee will respond.
Otherwise, submit your talk, keynote, track, or panel proposal to the Program
Committee Tool <https://pc.nanog.org/> without delay!  We look forward to
reviewing your submission.

Key Dates For NANOG 69



Registration for NANOG 69 Opens

Friday, 11/4//2016

Agenda Outline for NANOG 69 Posted

Friday, 11/4/2016

CFP Deadline: Draft Presentation Slides Due

Monday, 12/5/2016

CFP Topic List and NANOG Highlights Page

Friday, 12/9/2016

Speaker FINAL presentation Slides to PC Tool <https://pc.nanog.org/>

Tuesday, 1/24/2017

Lightning Talk Submissions Open (Abstracts Only)

Sunday, 2/5/2017

On-site Registration

Sunday, 2/5/2017

Further Presentation Guidelines can be found under "Present at a NANOG"
<https://www.nanog.org/meetings/presentation> and some general advice is
available in Tips on Giving a Talk

The NANOG Program Committee seeks proposals for presentations, panels,
tutorial sessions, and tracks in all areas of network operations, such as:


   Network Connectivity, Interconnection, and Architecture

   Network Management and Configuration including Automation

   Network Performance, Measurement, and Telemetry

   Data Center and Physical Plant including Cooling and Power Efficiency

   Network Research

   Internet Governance

   Routing and Switching Protocols

   Network Data and Control Plane Security

   Optical and Transmission Technologies

   Wireless Networks

   DNS, Transport, and Applications

   Network Operations and Engineering Professional Experiences

Submissions are welcomed by and for network operators of all sizes.
Presentations about difficult problems (and interesting solutions) that you
encounter in the course of your job are encouraged.

The NANOG registration fee is waived for:


   General Session presentations: the conference registration fee will be
   waived for a maximum of one speaker.

   General Session panels: conference registration fees will be waived for
   one panel moderator and all panelists.

   Tracks: conference registration fees will be waived for one moderator.

   Tutorials: conference registration fees will be waived for one
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