[NANOG-announce] SCIX-STL Meeting in St Louis - Moving Forward

David Sandel davidsandel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 21:54:44 UTC 2016

Good afternoon,

Thank you for attending SCIX-STL Design Review meeting yesterday at the
T-REX !!


A quick recap of our Smart City Internet Exchange - STL meeting:

a). Fabric # 1 will generally be used for service provider and data center

b). Fabric #2 will be used for Smart City services, sensor networks, IoE,
advanced security services, innovation districts and neighborhoods.

c).  SCIX-STL will have several Root nameservers, approximately 300 Top
Level Domain nameservers, and other standard services for the exchange


We are currently accepting letters of intent from organizations interested
in becoming founding participants of SCIX-STL.
Your letter entitles you to participate in the SCIX-STL founders committee
and complete development of the articles, bylaws,
operating agreement and any other contracts.

We are also looking for other participants or IX initiatives to join the
exchange. If you, or another interested interested party
would be interested to join please feel free to respond to this message. As
of yesterday, we have two letters in hand and more on the way.

We would also like to thank Bill Woodcock from PCH who did a great job of
walking us through the issues related to the history, design, operation,
maintenance and governance issues central to the success of IX's around the
globe. Thank again Bill !


We look forward with great anticipation to this landmark achievement in
networking the midwest and realizing the economic, social, and
entrepreneurial benefits that this will bring to the our region.

Have a great weekend !


David Sandel
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