[NANOG-announce] Board Member Replacement Announcement - Dan Golding

Sylvie LaPerriere sylvie at newnog.org
Tue Jun 26 15:30:25 CDT 2012


How is the selection made?

The Board will review the candidacies and appoint. Decision will be final
and announced on June 22 to nanog-announce at nanog.org.

There is more than the replacement position. Bear in mind that the election
process will be initiated in early August when we will have 3 vacant
boardpositions to fill. Check
http://www.nanog.org/governance/elections/ late July and we will
communicate the elections process via nanog-announce at nanog.org.

We trust this answers your questions about the replacement and thank you
for your consideration and interest for NANOG.


Sylvie LaPerriere

NANOG Chair   -  www.nanog.org
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