[NANOG-announce] NANOG Board Announcement

Steven Feldman feldman at nanog.org
Tue Aug 9 18:39:39 CDT 2011

I am sad to announce that Robert Seastrom has resigned from the NewNOG Board
of Directors, effective yesterday.  Rob has served on the Steering
Committee, transition team, and the board for the past three years, and has
provided valuable insight and assistance throughout the transition of NANOG
to a standalone organization.  I thank Rob for his service to the community,
and look forward to his continued participation as a member.

Since this creates a vacancy on the board with more than two months
remaining until the next election, the Bylaws require the remaining board
members to appoint a temporary replacement to serve until the election.  At
that time, a permanent replacement will be elected to fill the remainder of
Rob's term, which ends in October 2012.

Accordingly, the board has selected Michael K. Smith to fill the vacant
position between now and the October Election.  Mike has been serving as
Communications Committee chair for a few years, as well as assisting with
budgeting, technical planning, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks during
the transition.

Please join me in thanking Rob for his service, and in welcoming Mike to the

     Steve Feldman, chair
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