[NANOG-announce] 2009 NANOG charter amendments

Steve Feldman feldman at twincreeks.net
Fri Sep 11 05:11:59 UTC 2009

The NANOG charter is the document which governs the operation of  
NANOG, and the relationship between the community and NANOG's hosting  
organization, Merit Network.  The current text is at http://www.nanog.org/governance/charter/ 

During the NANOG annual election, voters are given the opportunity to  
decide on amendments to the NANOG charter.  Typically, the amendment  
process has been used to remedy oversights, modify processes with the  
benefit of experience, and to correct and tighten language.   This  
year, the election is being held during the NANOG meeting October  
18-21 in Dearborn, MI.

There are two ways to put an amendment on the ballot:

- Vote by a majority of the Steering Committee

- A petition signed by at least 30 eligible voters,
  and submitted by September 28, 2009.

See http://www.nanog.org/governance/elections/2009elections/2009charteramend.php 
  for more details on the process.  As amendments are proposed, they  
will be added to that page.

If you have any suggestions for amendments, or would like to comment  
on NANOG governance in general, please join the discussion on the  
nanog-futures list, or contact the Steering Committee or any of its  
members directly.

	Steve Feldman
	(for the Steering Committee)

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