[NANOG-announce] NANOG46 survey open until July 6

Joe Provo jzp-sc at rsuc.gweep.net
Wed Jun 24 12:04:35 UTC 2009

Hi folks!

Thanks very much for helping to make a successful NANOG in Philadelphia.
If you haven't already (and we know a lot of those in attendance did not),
then please visit the easy-to remember redirection URL


A lot of our direction for the structure and mechanics of meetings stem
from the survey data.  The Program and Steering Committee really need to 
have your feedback on the meeting to capitalize on what was successful 
and avoid what was not.  The Mailing List Committee needs input on your 
use -or lack- of the attendee list.  Merit needs to hear your comments
on the hotel, facilities and meeting execution.

If you attended remotely, we need your input too!  Not just regarding 
the content you watched, commented on, or purposefully skipped, but 
what prevented you from attending and how we as an organization can 
address those issues.  If you have colleagues which attended (in person 
or via the webcast) but may not be paying attention to this mailing list, 
please do give them the survey URL so we can get their comments too. 


Joe Provo
NANOG SC chair

             RSUC / GweepNet / Spunk / FnB / Usenix / SAGE

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