[NANOG-announce] Reminder - NANOG 47 is coming quickly!

Tom Daly tom at dyn.com
Mon Aug 24 21:23:30 UTC 2009

Hello Everyone,
NANOG 47 is only 7 weeks away! The PC has been busily reviewing talks in preparation for the meeting. If you're interested in submitting a talk, please see:   

- http://nanog.org/meetings/nanog47/callforpresent.php.

Also, registration is open and the hotel is ready for booking, please see:

- https://nanog.merit.edu/registration.  
- http://nanog.org/meetings/nanog47/hotel.php

Finally, NANOG is always looking for great sponsors, and we always have room for more:

- http://nanog.org/sponsors

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Dearborn.

Tom Daly (for the PC)

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