[NANOG-announce] NANOG44 updated agenda, so register already

Todd Underwood todd at renesys.com
Wed Jul 30 19:01:07 UTC 2008

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An updated agenda for NANOG44 has been posted at:


you might notice that this NANOG features:
	* Keynote by Vint Cerf of Google
	* More tutorials than you can shake a stick at
	* A panel of Internet Luminaries addressing the current
	  addressing situation from a historical perspective
	* A surfeit of IPv6 content (with some more likely before the
	* Lots of other great, operational presentations

So I would humbly suggest that you (collectively) register for NANOG44 

( https://nanog.merit.edu/registration/ )

as quickly as possible.  Discounted registration ends in less than two
weeks, so save yourself $75 and get registered.  You know you're going
to go, so just go already.  

I would *strongly* suggest you reserve a hotel room if you have not
already.  The last several NANOGs all available discounted rooms in
the room block have gone very quickly.  

( http://nanog.org/mtg-0810/hotel.html )

Note that the program is now effectively full (there are 2-3 slots
left that are saved for conditionally accepted talks that are already
in progress or any presentations dealing with late-breaking events,
but the event would have to be exceptionally significant and
interesting).  If you didn't submit for this NANOG conference, please
consider submitting a presentation for NANOG45.  

See y'all (that's "yinz" in Pittsburgh :-) in LA.



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