[Jobs] eBay is looking for networking heavyweights!

John Fraizer john at op-sec.us
Fri Jun 5 23:30:58 UTC 2015

Hello All,

eBay is looking for folks to join our Site Network Engineering team.  eBay
Site Network Engineering is responsible for the eBay SITE network from ToR
to Peering Edge.  You won't be bored.  You will be challenged.  You will
have fun!
This position is located in San Jose, California @ eBay HQ although
exception may be made for extremely well qualified candidates.


   - 7+ years of experience in network design and implementation
   - 7+ years working at the highest level of technical escalation
   - Expert level multi-vendor experience in routing & switching with
   Arista, Cisco, Juniper, Nexus platforms
   - Expert level understanding of IPv4 & IPv6.  Bonus points if you can
   tell me about IPv8. (The old guard will get that joke.)
   - Expert level BGP and OSPF
   - Understanding of multicast technologies such as PIM-SM and PIM-BiDir
   - Understanding of QoS and implementation strategies
   - Experience with L2 technologies such as MLAG and VPC
   - Experience with cloud architectures and network automation
   - Experience with SDN technologies such as VXLAN, NVGRE and Open vSwitch
   - Expert level troubleshooting skills
   - Functional knowledge of and comfort working in *nix environments
   - Ability to script in Bash, Perl, or other relevant languages. (Bonus
   for Python)
   - Excellent communications and documentation skills

Head of line for CCIE / JNCIE but knowledge and experience trumps a piece
of paper every time!
BSCS or other 4-year degree desired - may be substituted with relevant work

Translation of the above:  Are you considered an expert by your industry
peers?  We know your family thinks you're a genius.  Do your peers in the
networking community agree?  Do you want work on the bleeding edge of
technology, playing with the biggest, baddest and bestest toys?  Are you a
team player who can also work alone providing creative solutions to complex
problems using your "out of the box" thinking?  Are you tired of being the
"smartest guy in the room" when you're at work?  Well then, I've got the
job you're looking for!  The above qualifications are the "wish list".
That should give you a feel of whether or not you're qualified for this
position though.  You know your own skill set better than anyone else.

Just be advised: Please don't be a "buzzword bandit" on your CV.  If you
list a skill or experience, its fair game to ask you about these - in depth
- during your phone screen and any subsequent in-person interviews.

Interested and Qualified candidates, please forward your CVs to jfraizer at
ebay dot com.

eBay, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer

John Fraizer
MTS2 - eBay Site Network Engineering
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