[Attendee] Build Community + Go on a Scavenger Hunt

NANOG DEI dei at nanog.org
Tue Jun 13 18:59:43 UTC 2023

Hello everyone,

A few teams went out scavenging throughout Seattle’s Spheres, Pike Place
Market and many other cool spots in the city. Do you want to join in on the
fun? We are opening up the Scavenger Hunt for anyone that would like to
roam around with fellow community members between today and tomorrow!

Click on the invite link here
and then follow the instructions below to play:

1. Download the Let's Roam app.

2. Create a Profile.

3. The voucher code is nanog0623

4. You will join your team of choice once we kick things off by clicking
"Join" in the lower right hand corner and entering the voucher code.

5. Teams will roam around, going to stops in any order. Decide on a
strategy so you don't follow the same route as other teams!

6. You'll work together to complete challenges, earning points along the

7. The app leads the way, but if you have questions click call support from
your dashboard. They are here to help!

8. You can click the chat bubble to chat with other teams.

9. The leaderboard will show live scores, and once the hunt ends the team
with the most points will be the victorious winners.
10. Don't forget to have fun! Check out what some teams have already done…
[image: image0.jpeg]

The NANOG DEI Committee
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