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Mon Jun 6 16:43:09 UTC 2022

Hello Attendees!

Join the conversation and make new friends via our Community Forum Affinity
Groups!  <https://community.nanog.org>

The NANOG Community Forum is a digital space that inspires community
building, fosters mentorship, and provides ongoing support for students and
professionals in Internet technology. By joining the forum, you’ll also
have the opportunity to share your insights and provide feedback as we work
together to build the Internet of tomorrow.

*Here are the current affinity groups available: *

   - Automation <https://community.nanog.org/c/automation/44>
   - Coffee <https://community.nanog.org/c/coffee/37>
   - Diversity in Tech <https://community.nanog.org/c/diversity-tech/35>
   - DNS <https://community.nanog.org/c/dns/45>
   - Events & Social Groups
   - IRRd <https://community.nanog.org/c/irrd/46>
   - Kids <https://community.nanog.org/c/kids/38>
   - LGBTQ+ <https://community.nanog.org/c/lgbtq/39>
   - Martial Arts <https://community.nanog.org/c/martial-arts/50>
   - RPKI <https://community.nanog.org/c/rpki/47>
   - Running <https://community.nanog.org/c/running/40>
   - Security <https://community.nanog.org/c/security/48>
   - Walking <https://community.nanog.org/c/walking/41>
   - Whiskey Connoisseurs <https://community.nanog.org/c/whiskey/42>
   - Wine Connoisseurs   <https://community.nanog.org/c/wine/49>
   - Women in Tech <https://community.nanog.org/c/women-in-tech/33>
   - Yoga <https://community.nanog.org/c/yoga/43>

Also, please share memories of those passed in the additional new section "In
Memoriam <https://community.nanog.org/c/memoriam/51>."

Thank you and please enjoy NANOG 85!
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