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Mon Oct 19 13:59:19 UTC 2020

Dear NANOG 80 attendees,

Welcome to NANOG 80 sponsored by AWS! We hope the following information
helps you get the most out of your virtual experience.


The NANOG 80 Agenda <https://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/agenda/> is
available on the NANOG website. You can also download the agenda to your
local electronic calendar via an .ics file after logging in to your NANOG
account. Please note that some scheduling changes have taken place since
first publishing. Make sure to update your .ics file!


Complete the NANOG 80 daily surveys <https://nanog.org/surveys/> each day
of the conference, to enter drawings for a $100 gift card. A winner will be
drawn from each day’s responses on Friday, October 23.


NANOG sponsorship opportunities are currently available for all future
NANOG conferences. If you have questions regarding sponsorship
opportunities, <https://nanog.org/participate/types-sponsorship/>or need
assistance, please contact sponsor-support at nanog.org. We extend a special
thank you to our NANOG 80 Sponsors

Email lists

NANOG 80 attendees are subscribed to attendee at nanog.org, a moderated list
used to support communication with other attendees about meeting
activities. If you unsubscribed from the list, you can re-subscribe at:

If you need help, or have a comment or suggestion regarding meeting
operations, please send us an email at nanog-support at nanog.org.

Ensure you are logged into your NANOG Profile

Navigate to https://nanog.org/profile/ or click the “Sign In” button
located near the top right hand corner of any page on the NANOG website
<https://www.nanog.org/>. A sign-in window will appear. Log in with your
credentials, or click “Sign up now,” and complete the form. If you are
creating your profile, be sure to use the same email address for both your
NANOG account and NANOG 80 registration. If you already have a NANOG
profile account associated with a different email address than the one you
registered with, please reach out to nanog-support at nanog.org to let us
know, and we’ll ensure you can access the NANOG 80 Virtual platform.

Navigate to Live Stream

There are two different live streams at NANOG 80 - the agenda
<https://nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/agenda/> will link you to the correct
stream for the session you want to view. Monday and Wednesday will be on
Track 1 only. Tuesday will have both Track 1 and Track 2.

    Track 1 <https://nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/track-1/> + chat window

    Track 2 <https://nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/track-2/> + chat window

Participate in Conference Chat

The chat is built into the same page of the live stream and will run for
the entire length of the conference. You will see three tabs within the
chat. The first is for general conversations, the second is to send in
questions for the Q&A portion of presentations, and the third is to ask for
help.  Each of these windows is moderated by NANOG Support or Program
Committee members.

How to take part in Virtual Expo

NANOG is pleased to offer you the opportunity to interact with our
sponsors!  Visit the NANOG 80 Virtual Expo
<https://nanog.org/meetings/nanog-80/virtual-expo/> throughout the
conference to learn about the latest technologies, and connect with reps
from 19 North American companies. You'll have the chance to win a variety
of swag + prizes in each booth, and pick up clues for our daily scavenger
hunts. Expo doors are open through Friday, 10/30!


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