[Attendee] Sunday Night Social Update; Super Bowl Social, 5pm at Cactus Grill

Aaron Hughes aaronh at tcp0.com
Wed Jan 28 18:23:37 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 01:08:24PM -0500, Ilissa Miller wrote:
> We are excited to announce that the NANOG 63 Sunday Night 'Super Bowl'
> Social is confirmed.  Thank you to Cologix and Infomart for organizing.
> Here are the details:

Awesome, thanks Cologix and Infomart!

> Please be
> sure to RSVP via the NANOG registration site if you plan to attend.

What line item should we expect to see on the registration site?

There is one which says "I plan to attend the Sunday Social", however, that already existed prior to this announcement.

Happy to update for head count, however, it's not clear, at least to me, how to do that.



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