[Attendee] In-room wireless SSID changes

Eric Oosting eoosting at netuf.net
Tue Feb 3 02:33:23 UTC 2015

Dear Attendees,

The RiverCenter Marriott Hotel in-room wireless provides over two different
flavor access points, 75% older HP and about 25% Ruckus.  The HPs are
giving people a very bad experience, as many of you know, while performance
over the Ruckus APs is generally good.

The HP Access Points and and their deployment have a number of serious
limitations which make it impossible to provide a quality service over this
infrastructure. We also believe that the NANOG specific guest SSID may also
be effecting the non-NANOG end users of the general Marriott_GUEST wireless
over the HP access points.

Therefore, we are about to turn off the NANOG-guestroom SSID on the HP units.
The Marriott_GUEST SSID will remain on all hotel access points while
the NANOG-guestroom
SSID will remain on the only Ruckus units. We believe this may result in
better performance of the Marriott_GUEST SSID as well as making it easier
for NANOG guests to associate with the Ruckus access points.

NANOG attendees are entitled to FREE use of the Marriott-GUEST wifi (the
$12.95 charge will be reversed at checkout). If unable to connect to the
NANOG-guestroom, or you experience a weak signal or poor performance from
the SSID NANOG-guestroom, please consider using Marriott_GUEST SSID, which
may be improved by the removal of NANOG-guestroom network.

We regret that determining the best network may be left to you, the user,
however we've found no better way to support all guests.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to nanog-eng at nanog.org with any
questions, concerns, or comments.


Eric Oosting
Network Architect
eoosting at netuf.net | 404-941-6678
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