[Attendee] Guestroom Wireless issues

Eric Oosting eoosting at netuf.net
Mon Feb 2 07:44:53 UTC 2015

NANOG Attendees,

There have been a number of reports of poor (to dismal) wifi performance
issues throughout the Marriott Rivercenter hotel.

While many guests have experienced no issues on NANOG-guestroom (i.e. some
routinely getting over 50Mbps up and down), there are areas that seem to be
getting only 1Mbps or 2Mbps (often less) and the performance is very
intermittent. Performance is roughly the same on both the Marriott-Guest
and on NANOG-guestroom.  That is, poor to unworkably bad.

At this time we believe these issues are related to hotel infrastructure.
We've made the hotel aware of the issue, and we've provided enough
anecdotal evidence to suggest to them that it's related to a set of aging
access points spread throughout the guestroom floors that support only
802.11g and operate on the 2.4Ghz band only.

While we've made the hotel aware of the issues, guests that experience
problems may be connected to the hotel's 24hr help desk by calling the
front desk and asking for wireless support. You are also encouraged to
report issues, as always, to nanog-eng at nanog.org.

In the mean time, we'll continue to work with the hotel IT and support
staff to improve the service.


Eric Oosting
Network Architect
eoosting at netuf.net | 404-941-6678
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