[Attendee] coffee

Rob Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Tue Oct 7 13:24:32 UTC 2014

Rob Seastrom <newnog at rs.seastrom.com> writes:

> A place with the unlikely name of Sidewalk Espresso (
> http://www.sidewalkespresso.com ) is only a few blocks (0.7 miles)
> from the hotel and seems to have good reviews on Yelp.  Just as
> important, they open at 7 am, probably an extra-important
> consideration.  I'll probably be going there tomorrow - ran out of
> time today.

Trip report: Wes, Leif, and I went over there at about 0730.  Despite
the name they seem to have a bias in favor of pour-over which was fine
by us.  I had a nice ethiopian which was quite sweet and not at all
bright (with the usual dry process notes of fruit).  Wes and Leif
opted for a Brazilian which was reportedly quite nice too.  

Second round was cappuccinos all the way around which were competently
prepared and tasty (no fluorish of latte art, but hey, you can't eat
the art!).  I didn't inquire about who roasted their pour-over, but
their espresso is by Ceremony out of Annapolis.  I believe it was
their "Destroyer" blend.  Very tasty.

A+++++ would visit again, probably the same time tomorrow.  We wimped
out and took the car; parking was surprisingly OK for rush hour in
Baltimore and since the main constituency at Sidewalk is college
students, they were not crowded at all.  Oh yeah, and the barista has
an adorable puppy named "Grandpa".  Who doesn't like puppies???


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