[Attendee] coffee

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at pch.net
Mon Oct 6 14:49:12 UTC 2014

On 06 Oct 2014, at 4:05 PM, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:

>> peet's (whose sumatra is only just better)
> i went there this morning.  five or so blocks on the street behind the
> hyatt
> i am told by locals that zeke's is what we want, but it is a drive.
> and jen says that dotie's in the helladay inn serves zeke's.

there is,  but having been through dottie's brewing process, you're heavily advised to find another barista.    :-/
the beans aren't necessarily bad;  they simply needed more than the rapid flush-through that dottie's did.

pointers to sludgier coffee are always welcome :-)

(writing as a helladay inn-mate)
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