[Attendee] ATL report for Feb 14, 2014

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Fri Feb 14 13:48:16 UTC 2014

We left hotel @ 7:15A, zero traffic. Got to ATL, north domestic terminal (AA) in nothing flat.

Very little line at the AA check-in counter, there was a line at Southwest (walked past it), but wasn't ridiculous.

The TSA PRE line was open and there was a total of one person taking off her shoes at the metal detector. (Yes, she was confused.) Other lines had people, but no way it was more than 30 minutes and probably less.

There's an Admiral's Club here. Given only 4 AA gates, I'm pleasantly surprised. It is not on any of the signs. The people behind the desk say the airport will not allow any lounge on the signs, so do not get discouraged if you don't see yours.

Board looked very good, only one cancelation and one late flight on AA. Hope it stays that way today.

Just FYI: There's a storm warning for Boston area Sat morning to Sun morning, minimum of 8 inches. Unlike ATL, that won't close the city, but it absolutely will impact travel at least a little. So if you are going to the northeast, you might have problems on the destination end even if ATL is clear.

Good luck to you all!


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