[Attendee] Anyone at ATL? Are flights making it out today(Thursday)

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Fri Feb 14 02:47:00 UTC 2014

My flight to Orlando left on-time.  What was really odd was:

1) When I talked to Southwest Wednesday morning after seeing my 12:30pm 
Thursday flight had been cancelled, Friday morning was the earliest flight 
they could get me on.

2) When I checked their web site this morning, there were openings on two 
flights this afternoon.  After 40 minutes on hold with them this morning, 
I was told I could switch to either of those.  I chose the latter one 
(figuring it'd give me more time to get to ATL and for the roads to melt). 
I was told I got the last seat.

The flight to ATL was packed and ran out of overhead bin space.  I figured 
the return flight would be worse.  So I checked all my bags other than 
computer backpack.  The flight was not even close to full...probably about 
2/3 or slightly more.

So, if you call and they say there are no flights, check the web site.  If 
you're really desperate to get out of snowcockalypse, it might be worth 
heading down to ATL and trying standby.  Anyone on standby for my "full" 
flight, would obviously have gotten a seat.

BTW...not all the minor roads in the vicinity of the Westin have been 
treated or cleared.  I got to experience a bit of driving and stopping on 
ice in a front-drive car with ABS :)  This was shortly after noon today.

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