[Attendee] NANOG60 network availability

Eric Oosting eoosting at netuf.net
Wed Feb 12 16:12:30 UTC 2014

I wanted to provide some network availability information to for those of
you who will be sticking around the hotel this evening and into tomorrow.

The NANOG attendee wireless networks will be taken down this evening, as
planned. Common areas and ballrooms with active programs will be kept up
until at least 6pm. Beginning at 6pm tonight all areas will begin to
transition back to the hotel network.

During this transition, there may be some areas of the hotel that will have
no wireless access as access points are swapped or reconfigured.

We believe that the hotel infrastructure is largely sufficient, however
there may be some areas that will not have the same level of coverage that
we've enjoyed throughout the meeting.

Thank you,

Eric Oosting
Network Architect
eoosting at netuf.net | 404-941-6678
Schedule: http://doodle.com/eoosting
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