[Attendee] R & E BoF on Wednesday?

Michael Sinatra ms at es.net
Tue Jun 4 19:44:15 UTC 2013

One more thing:

Just to clarify, we'll start right around 8:30--or just a bit later, to
give folks time to grab breakfast and bring it in.

Since we will also have members of the IETF SIDR working group in our
midst, I thought we could also talk about RPKI and BGPSEC and why R&E
folks might want to be involved in that.  We can also have Q&A for the
Internet2 and ESnet presentations from today (time permitting).

Once again, all are welcome, and I hope for this to be my last post on
the subject.


On 6/4/13 10:29 AM, Michael Sinatra wrote:
> Folks:
> I have gotten some interest in this, and I'd like to propose that we
> meet at breakfast-time on Wednesday (tomorrow).  Salon III is available,
> so you can grab breakfast and then head in there and we can have an
> informal BoF there.  I realize it's going to be a bit early, but I'd
> prefer not to take us away from the rest of the program and tracks.
> It does mean that you may want to limit your boozing at tonight's
> Terremark social on the riverboat.  However, that still opens up all of
> Wednesday to attend the DNS or Peering tracks and still tie one on at
> Wednesday night's Equinix/Netflix social. :)
> Here's my start at the agenda:
> 1. Sustainable R&E community collaboration in the limited Joint Techs era.
> 2. Where to have side-meetings like NetGurus?
> 3. Technical stuff: How are R&E folks doing interior routing/IGP (I have
> been getting comments/questions about this since my talk).
> Other stuff you can think of?  Again, you can email me directly and I'll
> put things together for tomorrow.
> thanks!
> michael
> On 6/4/13 7:53 AM, Michael Sinatra wrote:
>> I know that there are some R&E/Higher Ed attendees in our midst at NANOG
>> 58, and some folks have already approached me to talk about a possible
>> informal BoF for the R&E community (open to all, of course).  I think we
>> may be able to schedule something on Wednesday, and I will discuss it
>> with the NANOG folks.
>> The main meta-topic will be to brainstorm ways in which the R&E
>> community can utilize NANOG and other conferences to make up for the
>> reduction in Joint Techs meetings.  We can also discuss other, more
>> technical, topics that are burning in our arena right now.
>> If you are interested, please email me directly and let me know if you
>> would be able to attend a BoF on Wednesday.
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