[Attendee] R & E BoF on Wednesday?

Michael Sinatra ms at es.net
Tue Jun 4 14:53:22 UTC 2013

I know that there are some R&E/Higher Ed attendees in our midst at NANOG
58, and some folks have already approached me to talk about a possible
informal BoF for the R&E community (open to all, of course).  I think we
may be able to schedule something on Wednesday, and I will discuss it
with the NANOG folks.

The main meta-topic will be to brainstorm ways in which the R&E
community can utilize NANOG and other conferences to make up for the
reduction in Joint Techs meetings.  We can also discuss other, more
technical, topics that are burning in our arena right now.

If you are interested, please email me directly and let me know if you
would be able to attend a BoF on Wednesday.


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