[Attendee] Fwd: SeaWorld Social - Day and Time Change!

Dave Temkin dtemkin at netflix.com
Mon Feb 4 19:44:07 UTC 2013


It seems I signed a contract without looking at the dates and messed things
up a bit.

The SeaWorld Social is actually tomorrow night (Tuesday the 5th), not
tonight. That being said the SeaWorld social will now start at 8pm right
after Beer N' Gear ends and run until 11pm.

Please note that the social includes a full dinner and open full bar. We
welcome everyone from the event and any partners or family you have with

When Beer N' Gear ends just walk out of the front of the Renaissance hotel
and go straight across the parking lot to the entrance to SeaWorld.

We have rented out the Manta Roller Coaster and various other venues within

Have Fun!



NANOG 57 Host

Josh Snowhorn
Vice President and GM of Interconnection
305-205-8327 Mobile
snowhorn at cyrusone.com<mailto:snowhorn at cyrusone.com>
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