[Attendee] NANOG 55 Survey Highlights and Upcoming NANOG 56/ARIN XXX

Sylvie LaPerriere sylvie at newnog.org
Tue Jul 31 21:41:25 CDT 2012

NANOG Colleagues,

NANOG 55 Attendees,

We hope you are having a great Summer.

We are already hard at work preparing for NANOG 56/ARIN XXX in Dallas.
 Take a moment now to register for the conference and book your hotel room
at http://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog56/nanog56_registration.html

We had 525 registrants in Vancouver last June and I want to share the
surveys highlights.  The survey participation rate was 14%. We are thankful
for your answers as knowing your preferences increases the likelihood of
planning future 'awesome' events for you.


*   Your top 3 reasons to attend NANOG are 1) network with colleague 2) the
agenda (program) quality and content 3) tutorials.  Closely followed by 4)
socials,  5) keynotes and 6) location.

*   You rated the quality of our speakers, the quality of the technical
information presented and the technical relevance of topics as either
'excellent' or 'very good'.

*   You are generally not commenting about the NANOG conference on social
media platforms during the event.

*   78% of attendees were able to successfully associate to the wireless
network on their first attempt

*   You thought the Westin was great for its location, its setting and its
amenities  (nice to know for future picks!)

*   You come to NANOG to meet new people, socially interact with colleagues
and learn.

*   You generally are not a subscriber to our mailing lists: nanog@,
nanog-announce@, nanog-futures@

First-Time attendees enjoyed their NANOG experience and are hopeful that
they will be able to return to future meetings. Some are even planning to
bring along colleagues.

Comments for speakers were really appreciated.  We shared with those
presenting, thereby helping speakers with future presentations and
communicating attendees' expectations with respect to presentation content
and its delivery.

The Food & Beverage (F&B) comments were great.  You are generally very
pleased with the quality and the variety.  We note that your level of
satisfaction increases if you are continuously caffeinated or hydrated
during the day and if offered plenty of beer/wine/spirits/sodas during the
evenings.  We took good note of your suggestions and look for them at NANOG
56.   Special thanks for embracing (ie not complaining) our 'green options'
: favouring large dispensers over individual plastic bottles or cans saves
us lots of money and reduces our environmental footprint.

For the curious-minded, detailed results are posted at

Consider joining the mailing lists at http://www.nanog.org/mailinglist/

Thanks again to all who attended, presented, and sponsored our return trip
to Canada with NANOG 55.

It was a great experience and we will not wait another 5 years to return to

We look forward to seeing everyone again at NANOG 56/ARIN XXX!




Sylvie LaPerriere

NANOG Board Chair   -  www.nanog.org
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