[Attendee] DNSSEC troubleshooting tutorial

Michael Sinatra ms at es.net
Tue Oct 4 13:10:54 CDT 2011


I am giving my DNSSEC troubleshooting tutorial on Sunday, 4pm-5:30pm in 
Commonwealth D.  For those of you interested, you'll want to come with a 
laptop equipped with a working copy of dig.  Most UN*X distributions 
(including most Linuxes) will have dig already installed.  If not, you 
may need to install "bind-tools" or some similar package.  The version 
that comes with a supported (i.e. recent) MacOS X should also be fine. 
For windows, you may need to install the BIND distribution for windows, 
unless you use cygwin or something similar, in which case, you'll need 
to install the proper package for whatever UNIX toolkit you use on your 
windows box.

Also, I assume you know most of the basic DNSSEC concepts (like what an 
RRSIG is, what a DNSKEY is, etc.).  If not, you're in luck, as Matt 
Larson will be giving his excellent introduction to DNSSEC tutorial in 
the same room from 1pm to 3:30pm--right before the DNSSEC 
troubleshooting tutorial.

See you in Philly!


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