[Attendee] NANOG 53 Track: ISP Security

John Kristoff jtk at cymru.com
Mon Oct 3 10:39:58 CDT 2011

Hello NANOG 53 attendees,

For those with an interest in the "Track: ISP Security" scheduled for
Monday, October 10 at 4:30 PM in Millenium Hall here is a brief
synopsis of the event to help you plan your day.

As coordinator of the track, I'd also like to invite anyone interested
to give a lightning talk (for this track only, not the general
session), encourage you to introduce yourself as a security
point-of-contact (PoC) and participate in the key signing event.

The ISP Security track covers current network security related topics
in a semi-private venue. That is, the session is not recorded, but
there are no participation restrictions beyond NANOG attendance.
Planned topics and the facilitators include:

  PROTECT IP                        - Chris Morrow (Google)
  BGP Security Demo                 - Oliver Borchert (NIST)
  Lightning Talks and PoC Personals - you
  PGP Usage and Key Signing         - John Kristoff (Team Cymru)

No slides for lightning talks or personals are necessary, but if
you wish to provide one, please limit it to one page.  28-point or
larger fonts are highly recommended.  Priority will be given to those
who don't need slides or submit a one-page PDF to me in advance.

Please add your PGP public key(s) to the event the key ring before
arriving.  You can copy-and-paste the ASCII output of your public key
(e.g. gpg --export -a your at email.example.net)  or upload your public
key to the following URL:



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