[Attendee] Question about Mark Koster's ARIN presentation

Sandra Murphy sandy at sparta.com
Wed Jun 17 16:49:34 UTC 2009

I stood up to ask a question, but before I got to the end of the table, 
the session chair was saying "OK, thanks, Mark".  I guess I'm just too 

So this question is for Mark Kosters, and I'm asking here so the 
audience gets to hear/see the answers:

The presentation said that you would be doing a lot of work to improve the 
IRR.  The last I asked, the ARIN IRR did not support the RPSS (Routing 
Policy System Security - RFC2725).  RIPE supports this, I know.  Will the 
improvements include support for the RPSS?

The presentation talked about the RPKI pilot, and Mark said that they'd be 
using the RIPE code.  I believe RIPE has had a couple of different 
attempts at this, so I'm not sure what features the code you use will 
have.  Will you have the ability to hand certs to ISPs so that they can so 
their own cert generation for the allocations they hand to customers? 
(I.e., is ARIN going to just run a service for its members or will it 
enable growth of the RPKI tree below it?)


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